City Staff

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Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Phone
Mayor Richard P. Gard Mayor (307)-856-2227
City Administrator Tony Tolstedt City Administrator (307)-857-7705
Administrative Services Megan Sims Deputy City Clerk (307)-857-7707
Administrative Services Kristin Watson City Clerk/Human Resource Director (307)-857-7706
Administrative Services Mia Harris Finance Director (307)-857-7703
Administrative Services April Ramsey Finance Clerk (307)-856-9120
Administrative Services Debbie Bessey Finance Clerk (307)-856-9120
Administrative Services Max Batista Finance Clerk (307)-856-9120
Public Works Kyle Butterfield Public Works Director (307)-857-7704
Public Works Krista Ramage Public Works Secretary (307)-857-7760
Public Works Millie Hoffman Water Treatment Plant (307)-857-7790
Public Works Paul Griffin Airport (307)-857-7780
Public Works Dennis Lawrence Collection & Distribution (307)-857-7770
Public Works Dale Barrett Streets & Alleys Supervisor (307)-857-7767
Public Works Rusty Davis Parks Supervisor (307)-857-7749
Public Works Monty Nordwick Project Manager (307)-857-7761
Public Works Brian Eggleston Operations Division Manager (307)-857-7764
Community Development Michael Miller Director (307)-857-7709
Community Development Dave Paskett Building Inspector (307)-856-9121
Community Development Bob Sprague Engineering Technician (307)-857-7714
Community Development Kristi Peterson Building Permit Technician (307)-856-2999
Community Development Connie Carr Community Development Clerk (307)-856-9129
Information Technology/Computer Network Tim Hugus Network Administrator (307)-857-7747
Information Technology/Computer Network Adam Wyrick Network Systems Analyst (307)-857-7718
Information Technology/Computer Network Curtis Cooper IT Technician II (307)-857-7716
Municipal Court Meghan Miller Court Clerk (307)-856-0165
Municipal Court Shanda Scott Deputy Court Clerk (307)-856-0165
Riverton Police Department Eric Murphy Chief of Police (307)-856-4891
Riverton Police Department Cindy Gustin Victim Witness (307)-856-9132
Riverton Police Department LuAnne Luther Victim Witness (307)-856-9131
Waste Water Treatment Plant Bret Dale Chief Operator (307)-857-7795
Administrative Services Tisha Tuttle Administrative Assistant (307)-857-7720
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