Mosquito Control

The following methods are used in controlling mosquitoes to reduce the chance of getting bit by a mosquito infected by West Nile Virus:

Once culex tarsalis (West Nile carrying species) is detected in the Fremont County Weed and Pest traps, mosquito fogging starts and typically runs from May through September using vehicle-mounted fogging machines. Throughout the summer months, killifish are trapped and planted in various ponds to control the mosquito larva and in turn reducing mosquitoes. These fish are monitored and reports are given to the Wyoming Game & Fish periodically. Larvicide pellets are used in storm drains. Larvicide briquettes are used in all areas not suitable for killifish.

Mosquito Spraying Map

Contact Dale Barrett, at 307-856-3687, for further information on the City of Riverton's mosquito control activities. For more information, in general, on weeds and West Nile in Wyoming, go to

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