Operations Division

The Operations Division includes the following departments:


The Parks Department oversees the operation and maintenance of all City parks and recreational paths.


The Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection of commercial and residential solid waste, yard waste and recycling. They also maintain a fleet of roll-off containers for construction and demolition projects. 


The City of Riverton has over 120 miles of streets and 15 miles of alleys within the City limits that the Streets and Alleys employees maintain. This department is responsible for street sweeping, emergency street cleanup, pothole and patch repair, storm drain cleaning and maintenance, and snow removal and ice control in the winter.

Mosquito Control

The Weed & Pest Department is responsible for mosquito control in the City limits.


The Fleet Department is responsible for preventative maintenance and light to moderate repair services on the working equipment of the City of Riverton.


FORCC (Fix Our Roads Citizen’s Committee) was established as an advisory committee in 2013 to help guide the use of 1% moneys towards infrastructure improvements for the City of Riverton. 

Contact Public Works at 307-856-3687, or visit at 714 West Monroe.

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