FORCC: Projects & Spending History

PENNY POWER5In November 2012 and 2016, the voters of Fremont County enacted an Optional One Percent Excise Tax in the General Election.  The purpose of this optional tax is to improve the roads and associated infrastructure of the City of Riverton.  To that end, the Riverton City Council enacted Resolution 1253 committing the City to use the revenue generated by the tax for “infrastructure projects related to streets, roads, bridges, water and sewer utilities.”

To ensure the optional tax is used to the best interest of the people who voted its approval, the Mayor and Riverton City Council established a committee of citizens to advise the City on which projects to utilize the tax revenues and to provide fiscal guidance for the funds.  The Fix Our Roads Citizen’s Committee (FORCC) is an unpaid advisory committee to the City of Riverton Council that meets monthly to evaluate the capital improvement needs for the City of Riverton, prioritize projects, and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for expenditure of funds from the optional 1% tax authorized by the voters.

Since its enactment, the Optional One Percent Excise Tax has been used throughout Riverton to improve the roads and infrastructure we all rely upon to live, work, and recreate.  Below is a map highlighting these improvements and a comprehensive list of projects completed to date.

FORCC Map 5-2020


2014 1% Projects


 Watt Court Overlay

 Dave's Asphalt


 Woodridge Estates Overlay

 71 Construction


 WYDOT S. Federal Blvd. Storm Sewer

 Reiman/ WYDOT


 Misc. Concrete Project (various locations)

 Majors Equipment


 Major Patching Project (various locations)

 Dave's Asphalt


 Pure Gas Overlay

 Dave's Asphalt




 2015 1% Projects


 Pavement Assessment & Management Plan



 Broadway/Monroe Neighborhood Concrete

 71 Construction


 E. Pershing ADA Concrete

 Ellis Concrete


 North 1st Street Resurfacing (Pershing to Sunset)

 Dave's Asphalt


 North 16th Street East Resurfacing (Park to Sunset)

 Dave's Asphalt


 Rendezvous School Neighborhood Concrete

 Triple A Building Services


 N. Broadway/E. Pershing Chip Seal

 71 Construction


 Logan Park, E. Logan Park, Valley High Resurfacing

 71 Construction




 2016 1% Projects


 Riverview Road, Augusta west to City Limits (County Sponsored)

 Inberg-Miller Engineers (County Selected)



 Fremont County


 West Pershing/Canal Drainage and Surfacing

 71 Construction


 Big Bend/West Bend/Int. Drainage Improv.

 Dave's Asphalt


 W. Fremont St. Storm Sewer

 Inber-Miller Engineers



 Ellis Concrete


 S. Broadway/Monroe Resurfacing

 71 Construction


 Rendezvous School Resurfacing

 Dave's Asphalt


 Design Consultation (Big Bend & S. Broadway/Monroe)

 Gores & Associates




 2017 1% Projects


 ADA Ramps/Flashing Crosswalk Signs

 Inberg-Miller Engineers



 Schneider Construction


 Gannett Drive/Davis Lane Engineering Design

 HDR Engineering


 N. 2nd W. Reconstruction (Pershing to Sunset)

 Dave's Asphalt Co.


 Pavement Markings

 Pavement Maintenance, Inc.




 2018 1% Projects


 WYDOT N. Federal Blvd. Storm Sewer

 S & S/McCarty


 E. Fremont Water Line Project (Federal to 15th)

 Viper Underground


 Big Wyoming Resurfacing Project

 71 Construction


 Eastview & Westview Resurfacing Project

 Dave's Asphalt


 E. Pershing Concrete Project (Federal to 16th)

 Dave's Asphalt




 2019 1% Projects


 E. Bell Sanitary Sewer and Resurfacing Project

 Viper Underground


 College View Concrete (Main to Sunset)

 71 Construction


 Village Drive Surface Improvements

 Dave's Asphalt


 Village Drive Intersection Design

 Apex Surveying


 S. 8th E. Asphalt Overlay

 Dave's Asphalt




 2020 1% Projects


 Gannett Drive/Davis Lane Engineering Design

 HDR Engineering


 Gannett Reconstruction

 Jerry Bornhoft Construction, Inc.


 S. Summit Improvement Project

 71 Construction


 E. Sunset & Maple Lane Improvement Project

 71 Construction


 Hill Street Engineering Design

 Inberg-Miller Engineering


 Hill Street Reconstruction

 To Be Bid

To Be Determined



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