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Zoning regulates the use of property, and there are several types of zones. The City of Riverton is divided into fourteen different zones.

  1. R-1 Residential (formerly A), limited one-family*;
  2. R-2 Residential (formerly B), limited multiple-family*;
  3. R-A Residential (formerly BGA), gardening and agricultural*;
  4. R-4 Residential (formerly C), multiple-family*;
  5. Residential PUD, planned unit development;
  6. Office and institution, C-O district;
  7. Planned neighborhood shopping, C-P district;
  8. General commercial, C-1 district;
  9. Commercial highway, C-H district;
  10. Light industrial, I-1 district;
  11. Heavy industrial, I-2 district;
  12. Mobile home park, MHP district;
  13. Agricultural, AG district;
  14. Airport, AP district.
*Ordinance No.16-004 was passed, adopted and approved on July 19, 2016 to change the names of the residential zoning designations in name only, not the uses. Enrolled Ordinance No. 16-004  

The boundaries and zoning classifications of districts established are as shown on a map entitled, Zoning District Map of the city of Riverton, Wyoming, dated June 12, 2007, as amended from time to time.

If the zoning on a parcel of land is inconsistent with the use the land owner desires, the owner may apply for a change of zoning. However, there is an application and a nonrefundable fee, followed by a public hearing at which the owner presents the request and the reasons for the requested change. Surveys, drawings, photographs, and even models can be used to convey the proposed plan.

A proposed change of zone district boundaries may be initiated by the City Council, City Planning Commission or by application of the property owner. (Section 17.04.050 of the Riverton Municipal Code, Resolution No. 1260, Ord. 12-011)

A $300.00 fee is due at the time of filing and is non-refundable. The fee includes: preparation of notification list, letters, one property sign, newspaper hearing notice, publication of zone change, and revision of the master zoning map. 

All zone change requests must include a completed application with original signature of the property owner, proof of ownership, and the $250 application fee.

Notices of public hearing shall be mailed to all property owners within 140 feet of proposed zone designation. The notices are sent by first class regular mail. Signs are posted on the property by the Community Development Department and will be visible from a public street.

The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing a minimum of thirty (30) days after the date of the filing. The Board will approve or deny the request for zone change. If the Commission approves the zone change, it will be forwarded to the Riverton City Council. Zone changes require approval by ordinance and three readings.

Please contact the Community Development Department for answers to any other questions relating to zoning or land use in the City of Riverton.

Click here to view Riverton's zoning map.

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