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The purpose of sign regulations are to provide for the construction, fabrication, placement, markings, symbols, maintenance, and illumination of signs; to encourage an attractive environment for business and the city; and to provide the business community a format for advertising the goods and services they offer.  The International Building Code (IBC) is the basis for Chapter 17.22 – Signs in the Riverton Municipal Code.

To obtain a sign permit, complete the Building Permit Application – Complete all applicable spaces on the form and indicate the type of improvement as “Other – Sign”.

Signs shall be designed and constructed to comply with the provisions of the code for use of materials, loads and stresses.

IBC Appendix H105.2 Permits, drawings and specifications.

Where a permit is required, two (2) sets of construction documents shall be required. These documents shall show the dimensions, material and required details of construction, including loads, stresses and anchors.

Signs and foundations shall be designed and constructed for ninety (90) miles per hour wind load with said design being stamped by a Wyoming Licensed Professional Engineer.

Political/Real Estate Signs
A change in the sign ordinance was made to allow political and real estate signs in the right-of-way in front of a person’s house between the sidewalk and curb. Ordinance No 12-007


  1. Signs may not be placed or encroach upon a right-of-way or easement (land that is owned or controlled by the city, county, or state).

This includes sidewalks, street light poles, traffic light poles, traffic signs, street signs, and utility poles and City parks. In residential areas with detached sidewalks signs may be placed in the area between the curb and the sidewalk.

  1. Signs shall not interfere with vision at intersections.
  2. Signs shall not interfere with any vehicle or pedestrian traffic (no signs or boxes with signs on sidewalks).
  3. Signs placed on private property must have owners’ approval. (Must be behind the sidewalks in commercial areas.)
  4. Signs must be removed within one day after garage sale.
  5. Any person, who violates any of these rules, may be fined.

Riverton Municipal Code: 9.12.020 Littering prohibited—Penalty. C. A person is guilty of littering if he/she attaches, or places, any sign or other means of advertising or announcements, upon any public right-of-way, street sign, utility pole, or private property without the written consent of the property owner.

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