Community Development

Department Mission

To promote the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Riverton, to provide quality services to assist the citizens with Code and Permit Processes and Planning and Zoning Processes, to work with owners, developers and contractors in achieving their goals, and to work with other City departments for a coordinated effort toward excellence in customer service.

The Community Development Department provides services to the citizens of the City of Riverton related to planning, zoning, building construction and code enforcement.

The CD Department is responsible for reviewing building plans, issuing building permits, performing inspections, reviewing plats, zoning properties, issuing home occupation and child care permits, code enforcement, assisting developers, updating city maps and a variety of related jobs. The Planning Commission and the Construction Board of Appeals are the two citizen committees directed by the CD Department that assist with decisions and recommendations to the City Council regarding planning, zoning and building code issues. The CD Department consists of three (3) full time positions, Building Inspector, Permit Technician & CD Clerk.

Striving to provide quality service to contractors, property owners, developers, homeowners, and other citizens in and around our community is the continual goal of the Community Development Department.

Contact Information:

Michael Miller
Community Development Director
PH:  307-857-7709

Connie Carr
Community Development Clerk 
PH:  307-857-7711

Dave Paskett
Building Inspector
PH:  307-857-7708

Kristi Petersen
Permit Technician 
PH:  307-857-7710

Bob Sprague
Engineering Technician
PH:  307-857-7714

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