Inspection Procedures

The City may inspect all construction work that requires a permit.  You are responsible for notifying the Community Development Department at least one working day before you need an inspection.  Please call 307-856-2999 to schedule the inspections. The permit number and type of inspection are required when calling for an inspection.

List for Residential Inspections

The following list indicates the required inspections in the order in which they need to be completed for new construction, alterations and additions. This list applies only for residential inspections and construction. For commercial inspections, please contact the Building Department at 307-856-2999.

Temporary Electric Service: Inspection is required after the installation of the temporary meter base post containing an approved means of grounding; temporary electric service can be installed by a licensed electrical contractor or homeowner. 
Footing:  For all new construction and residential additions, all forms and rebar for footings shall be in place and tied before any concrete is placed.
Foundation Wall:  Inspection is required after all forms are in place and all vertical and horizontal rebar is tied and in place and before concrete is placed.
Perimeter Drain:  Inspection is required before backfill is placed areound foundation walls enclosing an interior space below finished grade.
Underground Plumbing:  Inspection is required after all underground plumbing (waste, vent & water) have been installed/pressure tested, before backfill and concrete are placed.
Interior Footings:  Inspection is reqauired after all forms and rebar are in place. Interior footing(s) shall be isolated from the floor slab.

The following shall be inspected and approved prior to the installation of insulation & sheetrock. 
Rough Plumbing:  Inspection is required after all waste, vent and water piping is installed.
Rough Electric:  Inspection is required after all wiring and boxes are installed.
Rough Mechanical:  Inspection is required after all venting and ductwork is installed.
Gas:  Inspection is required after gas piping is installed.
Rough Framing/Penetration Sealing:  Inspection is required after the rough electrical, plumbing, mechanical, gas, roofing and framing are complete and the structure is weather tight.
Sewer and Water:  Inspection is required after the sewer and water service lines have been installed and before backfill is placed.
Final Inspection: Inspection is required after the building is completed and ready for occupancy. 

Certificate of Occupancy is required Prior to moving furnishings into or occupying the structure.
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