Annual Events

The City of Riverton is home to a vibrant and ever growing list of annual activities throughout the year.

The Spring season holds the Fremont County Spring Carnival, a smaller version of the impressive Fremont County Fair that Riverton hosts later in the summer. You can find events, livestock, a carnival, food and fun every year at this exciting event.

Our warm sunny summer is chock- full of activities. Usually an individual can find a lively community outdoor event weekly, to include our farmers market, held all summer every Wednesday in City Park, a “Day in the Park” where your eyes can feast on the local artist market, and numerous Hot Nights, Cool Notes, or Music on the Lawn concerts. Our yearly Rendezvous Days, is a July through August line up which provides hours brimming with adventure, whether it’s Chalk the Walk featuring sidewalk art at the Library, fireworks that light up the big Wyoming Sky, the rubber duck race, or the annual Model Fly In. Don’t forget to stop by the Rendezvous site, where, in 1838 mountain men and native tribes met to trade next to the riverfront, and today you can still slow to that time period on the exact same ground and mingle with mountain men, learn cooking and camp practices of the era, and get a taste of the Wild West that this town grew from.

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Wake early on an alfalfa scented morning to watch brightly colored balloons launch into the sky at our annual balloon rally, with our own Cloud Kisser balloon blazing into the bright day.

Walk down main street in late July to view hundreds of cars as they participate in the Friday night cruise, on the way to our annual car show. As our summer winds to a close, live fully for one week of fun, festivities, shows, livestock and music at the large and celebrated Fremont County Fair, then watch our community compete in the Summer Rendezvous games at City Park, a sure way to celebrate each other’s strengths and laugh with your neighbors.

As our air crisps into Autumn our town is still warm with life, the shop windows start to shine onto Main Street, replacing the hot summer light, and cannon shots boom out in celebration of each high school touchdown. Children and their parents make rounds up and down the sidewalks along Main Street interacting with local businesses, and participating in entertaining competitions where the Harvest Festival provides a fun family environment. Pumpkins are bought from a local farm and line the streets, doorways and shop windows, shining a warm and welcoming glow on the community.

 Be here in December as Santa makes a stop at the historic Depot Restaurant to light the town Christmas tree as hot chocolate is passed around. Finally as the winter sun sinks into a frigid clear beautiful night, cuddle into your partner as sky lanterns are released following the opening ceremony of the Winter Rendezvous Games.

Make sure to check our community calendar to keep track of upcoming events, and activities.

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