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City Staff by Departments

   John "Lars" Baker  307-857-7691          
 City Administrator    
   Steven M. Weaver  307-857-7705          
 City Secretary    
   Megan Sims  307-857-7720          
 Administrative Services    
   Kristin Watson, City Clerk/Human Resources   307-857-7706          
  Mia Harris, Finance Division Manager  307-856-9123          
   April Ramsey, Utility Billing Clerk  307-856-9120          
   Debbie Bessey, Utility Billing Clerk  307-856-9120         
 Public Services    
   Kyle Butterfield, Public Services Director  307-856-9128          
   Dawn Willhelm, Utility Division Manager  307-857-7762          
   Krista Ramage, Public Services Secretary 307-857-7760  
   Dan Bock, Waste Water Treatment Plant  307-857-7795          
   Millie Hoffman, Water Treatment Plant  307-857-7790          
   Paul Griffin, Airport  307-857-7780          
   Dennis Lawrence, Collection & Distribution  307-857-7770          
   Gregg Schaub, Lands Division Manager  307-857-7766          
   Dale Barrett, Streets & Alleys Supervisor  307-857-7767          
   Joel Blury, Parks Supervisor  307-857-7749          
   Monty Nordwick, Project Manager  307-857-7761          
Community Development    
   Sandy Luers, Director  307-856-9122          
   Dave Paskett, Building Inspector  307-856-9121          
   Bob Sprague, Engineering Technician  307-857-7714          
   Kristi Petersen, Building Permit Technician  307-856-2999          
   Connie Carr, Community Development Clerk  307-856-9129          
   Rosie Albright, Code Enforcement Officer  307-857-7712  
Information Technology/Computer Network    
   Tim Hugus, Network Administrator  307-857-7747          
   Adam Wyrick, Network Systems Analyst  307-857-7718          
   Alex Engelhart, Information Technician 307-857-7716  
Municipal Court    
   Meghan Miller, Interim Court Clerk  307-856-0165          
Building Maintenance    
   Keith Jones, Building Maintenance Supervisor  307-856-9134  
Riverton Police Department    
   Mike Broadhead, Chief of Police  307-856-4891  
   Cindy Harris, Police Department Secretary  307-856-4891  
   Cindy Gustin, Victim Witness  307-856-9132  
   Pat Buoy, Victim Witness  307-856-9131  
Or you may contact us via email,  Please be sure to indicate who you are writing to in the subject line.