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Are Biosolids safe to use in my yard and/or garden?

Absolutely, Riverton is one of the few plant’s in the state to produce these microbe-packed soil enrichment products, our Biosolids undergo a two year on-site oxidative treatment process that must meet stringent EPA parameters before they can be released for public use with no restrictions.You can be assured it is perfectly safe to apply to new or existing lawns, and vegetables or fruit grown in Biosolids are perfectly safe to consume. Although Nitrogen is removed during plant treatment, Biosolids are full of iron, microbes and nutrients that enrich our poor area soils, as well as, it’s a great soil amendment for loosening packed clay soil and adding loam to our sandy soils at a reasonable price!

OK, we know what happens to the solids (Biosolids), but what do you do with the water?

Treated water effluent is monitored by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. Operators perform regular in-house lab testing of pollution quality parameters required in Riverton’s treatment permit. The effluent is then disinfected utilizing ultraviolet disinfection.  A portion of the effluent water is then recycled by watering plant grounds as well as the softball and little league ball fields during the summer. Most of the effluent flows underground via pipe to the “out fall” at the Wind River, Riverton’s designated “receiving stream”.

How do I purchase “Exceptional Quality Biosolids”?

Monday thru Friday call or stop in at the plant administration building to make arrangements or pick up your Biosolids. Saturday or Sunday the plant is only staffed with one operator, please call first to make arrangements for a time to pick up. Biosolids pricing may vary but usually runs around $10.00/cubic yd and weighs about 1650#/cubic yd. Click here for the latest price. A full-size 8’ pickup bed, level full will hold about 2.5 cubic yards. But remember, you are responsible for the weight limits and tire pressures for your vehicle or trailer. We will load you and payment is made at the plant, please bring correct amount or a check payable to the City of Riverton.