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Streets FAQ

Questions  and Answers

When will the next City auction be held?

The City holds auctions only when we have enough items to be sold. According to State Statues, the City has to advertise the auction two weeks before it is held. Watch the local newspapers for this advertisement.

Who do I contact if a street light is burned out?

If the street light is in the Country Club Villages or Sunburst Estates Subdivision, contact High Plains Power at 856-9426. If the street light is elsewhere, contact Rocky Mountain Power at 1-888-221-7070 or go to their website at You will be asked for the address or location of the street light and the pole number (metal tag on the pole).

Who do I contact if a traffic light is out?

Please contact the District Office of the Wyoming Department of Transportation in Basin, Wyoming at 1-307-568-3400.

Who do I contact to report a street/alley in need of repairs?

Please call the Public Works Department at 856-3687.

Who do I contact if a stop/street sign is down?

Please call the Public Works Department at 856-3687.

Who pays for fixing or replacing the sidewalk in front of my house?

Property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks in the City right-of-way abutting their property. See Riverton City Code 12.08.050.

How does the City decide which streets are plowed?

The City plows the high traffic streets first. Some of these streets include Federal, Main, Park, Broadway, Monroe. Please see our priority map.

What do you put on the streets to melt ice and snow?

We use a mix of sand and Ice Slicer. Ice Slicer is a mined mineral from Utah which is harder than road salt but still softer than sand.

Do I have to shovel my sidewalk?

Yes, City code 12.12.020 states the following: "It shall be the duty of the occupant or owner, if the premises are not occupied, of any premises within the limits of the city to keep the sidewalks abutting any part of such premises free from accumulations of snow, ice, mud, waste and offensive material, papers and trash and to remove the same with reasonable dispatch." City code 12.12.040 also states "No person shall deposit snow in or upon any street, sidewalk, alley or other public ground within the city that has been accumulated or collected as a result of removing the same from parking areas and driveways serving commercial enterprises." We suggest that you place snow on your lawn. This will provide more water to your landscaping as the snow melts.