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Riverton's Master Plan

Following an approximately 10 month process, Riverton’s City Council unanimously adopted the community’s Master Plan on April 7, 2009. The new Master Plan builds on the public input and ideas generated as part of the Community Assessment process completed in 2007. The Master Plan will serve as a guide for land use development, transportation, parks and recreation, housing and neighborhoods, and infrastructure and services investments in the City for the next 20 years. Many members of the community participated in the planning process and provided their input on a range of topics.

The City’s planning team worked with the community to update the plan through three main steps:

  1. What is Riverton like today? During Step 1, trends and existing conditions for Riverton were identified. This step involved looking at statistics and trends for housing, economy, population and other factors of the community. The planning team created written summaries by topic area with maps, graphs, and other images to show what was really happening “on the ground.”
  2. What do we want Riverton to be like tomorrow? During Step 2, community members were asked to describe, “What do you want for Riverton in the future?” The planning team worked with the community to define a shared a vision and to develop goals and policies that will help the city achieve the community’s vision.
  3. What do we need to do to achieve our desired future? During Step 3 an implementation strategy and action plan were developed to help the city meet the goals defined by the community in Step 2. The Action Plan identifies short-term (1-3 year) priorities, as well as those that can wait a few years.

Please click on the links below to view or download specific Riverton Master Plan files:

Riverton Master Plan

Future Lands Use

Major Streets & Highways

Recreational Plans & Trails